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March is Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month is organized by Dietitians of Canada and dietitians from all across the country. The theme this year is "Eating 9 to 5!" and the advice from dietitians can make it easier for you and your family to live and eat healthy.

There are two websites for Nutrition Month:

Go mobile!

Dietitians of Canada now have three free mobile apps to help you eat healthy 9 to 5:

eaTipsterwill bring you daily tips on healthy eating.

eaTracker You can follow the same tips on Facebook or Twitter.

Cookspiration serves up ideas based on your mood, your schedule and the time of day.



Click here for more Nutrition Month 2015 videos.


Want more information?

Visit our Food Skills section to find your inner chef, and to find out what it takes to make a whole community skilled when it comes to healthy food!

You can also learn the basics of how much (and what kinds of) food to eat with Canada's Food Guide.

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