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Managing extreme cold

Cold snap in the forecast?

Take some time to do a refresher on ways to deal with extreme cold.


Around the house..

Winter can be beautiful, and a great time to enjoy the outdoors. There are safety hazards that winter brings with it, though, so it pays to know the simple steps to avoid falls or injuries. Find out more about Winter Safety Around the House.

 ..And on the road

Ice, snow, and reduced visibility are common in the winter, especially in Simcoe and Muskoka. A few tips and keeping your eye on the road conditions will help you get to your destination safely during wintry weather. Read about Safe Driving in Winter.


When winter does its worst

When weather forecasts call for wind and heavy snow, the electrical supply may be affected, roads will be difficult or dangerous to travel and outdoor conditions can be dangerous.

Power loss created by storms is very common. But it helps to be prepared. Below are links to safety tips for those winter storms, power outages etc.

If the lights do go out, this information below will help you deal with food and water issues.

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