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Youth Status

How are Youth in Simcoe Muskoka Doing? 

In 2015 the Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey collected data from local elementary and high school students. This is the first time we have had local information about our Grade 7-12 youth.

 The survey asked about:

  • smoking,
  • drinking,
  • drug use,
  •  mental health
  •  physical health,
  •  bullying
  • Other risk taking behaviours.

Check out the highlights below:


If you are a parent this information may help you understand what your teen and their friends are going through. For public health, school boards, and community partners this information can help create programs and services that improve the health and well-being of teens.

For more information about local OSDUHS data please see the Youth Health in Simcoe Muskoka Report or visit Health Stats.

Concerned about your teens mental or physical health call Health Connection

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