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Sexual Health

Chlamydia in Ontario

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Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted infection (STI), is on the rise across Ontario. In 2011, there were 36,395 chlamydia cases reported in Ontario, with nearly 1,100 of those in Simcoe Muskoka.

Young adults are particularly vulnerable, with individuals 18-24 years old making up 52 per cent of all reported cases. More information for youth and young adults can be found at thephakz.ca

Ontario Public Health continues to try and raise awareness about, and increase testing and treatment for, the most prevalent STI in Ontario. Learn more about STIs, including symptoms, how to get tested and treatment options, at sexualhealthontario.ca / santesexuelleontario.ca.  

Testing is Easy

Testing for STIs is simple and can be as easy as providing a urine sample to see if you’re infected with chlamydia.  You can get tested through your doctor or health care provider, or at one of our sexual health clinics found here

For more information on rates of chlamydia in Simcoe Muskoka, please visit our HealthSTATS page.

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