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Make No Little Plans

Make No Little Plans

The first-ever comprehensive strategic plan for Ontario's public health sector has been released by Ontario's public health community, outlining the shared strategic goals and areas of focus for the next three to five years. The Ontario public health sector strategic plan, entitled Make No Little Plans, includes:

Our Values - Experience, Collaboration, Preparedness, Equity and Accountability.

Our Vision - Ontarians are the healthiest people in the world supported by the best public health system in the world.

Our Mission - To protect and promote the health of all people in Ontario through the delivery of quality public health programs and services, effective partnerships, and a focus on health equity.

Five Shared Strategic Goals

  1. Optimize healthy human development
  2. Improve the prevention and control of infectious diseases
  3. Improve health by reducing preventable diseases and injuries
  4. Promote healthy environments -- both natural and built
  5. Strengthen the public health sector's capacity, infrastructure and emergency preparedness

Eight Collective Areas of Focus

  1. Early childhood development, including mental wellness and resiliency
  2. Immunization
  3. Physical Activity and Healthy Eating
  4. Tobacco and Alcohol
  5. Built Environment
  6. Information and Knowledge Systems
  7. Collaborative Mechanisms
  8. A Highly Competent Workforce

SMDHU's Medical Officer of Health Dr. Charles Gardner, who sat on the Public Health Leadership Council which developed this plan, shared that:

“Over the past century, we have seen profound improvements in health and life expectancy because of public health measures – but we also know there is more potential for additional healthy years of life, and there are both old and new health challenges that we must face. The strategic plan is a logical step in our journey to improve population health and the public health system in Ontario."

For more information about this plan and how it will improve the public health system in Ontario, please read:

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