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Have a safe summer

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Summer vacations are here!  It’s always a time when there’s a pent-up rush to unwind.

That urge to hurry-up-and-have-fun is a factor in a formula that can lead to injuries, property damage and worse. Keep in mind that a safe holiday will be a lot more enjoyable for you and your family. 

Plan for a safe vacation. 
Make the right kind of memories!

On the road

Go for soda … before driving or boating. Rock legend Kim Mitchell teamed up with the Safe and Sober Awareness Committee of Midland to use his classic single Go For Soda to promote safe boating and driving.  Listen to Kim Mitchell's message.

Focus on the road. Studies have shown that distracted driving can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Find out why

At the party

When the festivities begin, think how you can limit your alcohol intake, or just opt for some alcohol-free beverages. Having a Party? If you are the host, know your responsibilities—and your liabilities.

In the water

Drownings occur every summer, and most of the time they are completely preventable. If your family is on the water this weekend, keep safety first.  

A limited number of beaches are monitored for water conditions, and any beach advisories are posted on this page
But when you and your family are at an unmonitored beach, you can assess conditions yourself and make a judgment about the water’s safety. Learn the checklist forunderstanding beach water quality.

At the playground

If you're not at the waterfront, the next best place for children is the local playground. Help your child play safely.


The weather is warming up and many of us will be outside enjoying it. Find out how to protect yourself on those days when weather moves from warm to very hot.  


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