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Sun Safety


Since children spend a large portion of the day at school it is essential to not only provide education about the importance of sun safety but also to consider how the school can provide a sun safe environment for children when they are outdoors.  During the school day it is important that children be active and get fresh air, but the health concern of over exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) needs to be addressed. One in seven children born today will develop skin cancer in the future. The health risks associated with excessive sunlight (UV) are largely preventable!  

Curriculum Supports

SMDHU Programs

The health unit offers a variety of programs and services for elementary schools (PDF), covering a wide range of health-related topics.

Additional Resources

  • “Be Sun Safe” Poster (PDF) – Print and hang this downloadable poster in your classroom to remind students about ways to be sun safe when playing outdoors.
  • Sun and Ultraviolet Radiation – The Canadian Cancer Society’s website contains credible background information on sun safety topics such as indoor tanning, the UV index, preventing skin cancer, vitamin D supplements and more.

Interested in taking sun-safety beyond your classroom?  Check out these school wide initiatives.

Also, be sure to visit the sun safety section of the health unit’s website for more information related to health effects of sun exposure, ultraviolet radiation, sun protection, tanning, skin cancer, and more.

Staff at the health unit are currently reviewing recommended lesson plans and curriculum supports for educators to align with Ontario’s 2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum. Please use your discretion in determining which lesson plans and curriculum supports to use in your classroom. Updated and new resources will be posted online as available. 

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