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Choices Not Chances Healthy Sexuality Kit (Grade 7 and 8)

Sexual health involves making wise and informed choices to avoid taking unnecessary chances. It means taking responsibility for reproductive health and feeling comfortable with one's sexual identity. Youth need every opportunity to learn sexual health information that is accurate and inclusive to assist them in making informed decisions.

Teachers may feel uncomfortable talking about sexuality with students, since it is closely connected to personal values, cultural and spiritual beliefs and family background. However, when teachers take the time to prepare themselves, they will feel less awkward and be more effective in disseminating sexual health information. This educational kit offers useful teaching tools that will assist with teaching sexual health curriculum.

The Choices Not Chances kit is a healthy sexuality resource for educators working with youth in Grades 7 and 8. The kit contains the following items:

  • Birth control samples
  • Birth control fact sheets
  • Choosing a Contraceptive that’s Right for You flip chart (Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (SOGC))
  • Understanding Sexually Transmitted Infections (SOGC) brochure
  • Condom demonstrator
  • STI booklet (class set) 
  • Risky/Non Risky Game
  • Sexual Health Teacher Manual (PDF)  This on-line resource was created following the Ontario Curriculum Guidelines. Lesson plans were developed by Simcoe County District School Board teachers.

To purchase for reduced cost please call the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit at 705-721-7520, ext. 7102, or 1-877-721-7520.  

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