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Driving or being a passenger in a car driven by a teenager may be  the most dangerous thing your teen will do on a regular basis.

Motor vehicle collisions (MVC’s) are the leading cause of death and serious injury among youth. And there are common causes that contribute to these crashes… which are preventable.

It's important for parents to understand that teens need rules and boundaries to become safe, experienced drivers. Although teens are often looking to gain independence, parents should be an important part of the learning to drive process. Research has shown that involved parents that set rules and monitor driving behavior in a supportive way can lower their teens' crash risk and lead them to make positive choices behind the wheel.

A parent might say to their teen: “Never, ever text while driving.  It’s deadly.”

A teen might say back to their parent: “Yeah, if I texted like you (when not driving that is). Watch this; I barely have to think about it.”

The parent might respond: “I’m impressed, but you still took your eyes off the road for three critical seconds. And don’t forget it’s not just about where your hands are, it’s about where your mind is.”

There are lots of conversations you can have with your teen when it comes to driving.  Find out more about parent’s role in teen driving, the Smoke-Free Vehicle Legislation and the graduated licensing system.  Encourage your teen to learn more about driving by having them check this out: