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  • All new facilities require an inspection of the vaccine fridge by a nurse from the VPD team at SMDHU
  • The nurse will discuss storage and handling practices with the person most responsible for the maintenance and ordering of vaccines
  • Each new facility will be provided free of charge with:
  • a copy of the Vaccine Storage and Handling Guidelines (MOHLTC, 2013)
  • a hard-sided cooler
  • 3 ice packs
  • 2 Cryopak insulating blankets
  • 2 min/max thermometers (one for the fridge and one for cooler)
  • Any additional thermometers requested by the facility are available from SMDHU at $42.00 per unit
  • Vaccine must not be stored in a new fridge until it has passed an inspection*

Please contact the Vaccine Preventable Disease Team at 705-721-7520, or 1- 877-721-7520 ext.8806, to arrange an inspection.

*Once the vaccine fridge has been inspected, and the facility has met the storage and handling requirements, vaccines may be ordered through our SMDHU ordering system.