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The purpose of the Influenza Immunization Challenge (IIC) is to improve influenza immunization coverage of staff and resident /patient influenza immunization rates and to provide public recognition for facilities that achieve (or greatly improved) immunization rates. 

For more information about the challenge please see the report and resources listed below:

Presentations and Resources from Previous IIC Events

2016 Event:

Supplemental Resources

2015 Event:

Influenza Immunization Challenge – Presentations (Adobe Connect):

    • Influenza Immunization Challenge: Continuing Upwards – Dr. Colin Lee
    • Much Ado about Flu: Vaccine Match-Making Anti- (and Uncle) Viral Use – Dr. Doug Sider
    • Challenges of last year’s influenza vaccine mismatch for institutional outbreaks – Dr. Colin Lee

2014 Event:

2013 Event: