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Some changes have been made to the vaccines supplied by Ontario Government Pharmaceutical (OGP).

1. Meningococcal vaccine for High-risk Clients over age 55

  • Temporarily, Menactra® (Meningococcal-Conjugate A,C,Y,W-135) is replacing Menomune® (Meningococcal-Polysaccharide A,C,Y,W-135) for high-risk individuals over the age of 55.
  • When Menomune® vaccine becomes available again; it will be used for older high-risk adults. Menactra® is only licensed up to age 55 years.

2. DTaP-IPV vaccines: Quadracel® replaced by Infanrix®-IPV

  • Infanrix®-IPV is replacing Quadracel® permanently as an equivalent product.
  • Infanrix®-IPV is indicated only for unimmunized children ages 5 and 6, as their primary series.

3. MMRV vaccines: ProQuad™ and Priorix-Tetra®

  • ProQuad™ (new) and Priorix-Tetra® are interchangeable MMRV vaccines that will be distributed based on availability for protection against measles, mumps, rubella and varicella.
  • Priorix-Tetra® contains amino acids, lactose, mannitol, sorbitol, neomycin.
  • ProQuad™ contains gelatin and neomycin.
  • When MMRV vaccines are administered to children aged 12 to 23 months, there is a slightly higher
    risk of febrile seizures in the 5 to 12 days following vaccination in 1 of every 2,600 vaccinated children compared to individually administered MMR and varicella vaccines.
  • In Ontario, MMRV vaccine is publicly funded for children 4 to 12 years of age. MMR vaccine is given at 12 months and varicella vaccine at 15 months.
  • MMRV should be administered promptly after reconstitution.


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