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Day Nursery Providers:


Day Nursery operators are required by the Day Nurseries Act to keep a record of immunization or the parent/guardian’s reason in writing as to why the child is not immunized. 


The health unit will provide immunization history forms that the parent/guardian must fill out.  The day nursery will keep a copy and send the original to the health unit.  The health unit is required to collect the OHCN from all registrants. Each year a new form is required to ensure the health unit has current information on file. The parent/guardian must fully complete this form and attach a photocopy of their child’s immunization record. 


The health unit is required to assess the immunization history and make recommendations to the parent/guardian for any necessary up-dates.  In the event of an outbreak of a reportable disease, the health unit will be able to establish which children are at risk and notify the parent/guardian.


Please contact the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, Vaccine Preventable Disease Team with questions regarding immunizations.
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