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Ontario Food Premises Regulation

How to Get Certified


Fact Sheets

Handwashing with Soap and Water

Food Handler Certification Training

Food Disposal After a Power Outage

Food Handler Storage Guidelines

Safe Cooking and Reheating Temperatures

Three Sink Dishwashing Technique


Log Sheets

Cold-Holding Temperature Log

Freezer Temperature Log

Hot-Holding Temperature Log

Time/Temperature Graph

Dishwasher Santization Log


Order Materials

To receive copies of decals, posters or brochure contact your Public Health Inspector or call Your Health Connection at 705-721-7520 (1-877-721-7520).


Danger Zone Decal

 Freezer Decal  
 Refrigerator Decal  
 Hot-Holding Decal  
 Two Sink Dishwashing   
 Three Sink Dishwashing  




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