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Workplace Health


Meet with key individuals of influence and decision-makers within the organization. Find those people (managers, business owners, union representatives, employees, occupational health, health and safety staff, etc.) who will champion workplace health in the workplace.

Conduct formal and informal presentations to management, unions, etc.  Presentations should include information on the importance of developing programs and your plan for promoting workplace health within the organization. Making the Business Case (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety) may be one option. 

Obtain management support. The program must be supported with appropriate resources such as people, material and money. This time and resource allowance will not only help boost program participation rates, but will illustrate management’s commitment to the program (Polanyi, Eakin, Frank, Shannon and Sullivan, 1998) 

Create a letter of understanding. Once all parties have agreed on the need and process for the workplace health program, it is important to have them sign a formal letter of understanding. It may be signed by management, employee representatives, unions and other key stakeholders. See the Sample Letter of Commitment you may wish to use as a template.


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