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Workplace Health


Put your plan into action
Once you have created your plan and it is approved you will be ready to put your ideas into action. You will need to share the plan with staff and find ways to market activitiesto ensure participation. Encourage, but don’t require employees or co-workers to participate in workplace health activities.

Provide incentives
It is important to recognize and reward those individuals who organize and participate in workplace health activities. Incentives encourage participation and demonstrate to employees that participation is valued by the organization.

Revisit the plan regularly
The plan, recommendations and time lines are not “written in stone.” The plan should be revisited periodically to check on progress and determine whether modifications need to be made. Choose a way to evaluate and track your expected results. For example, if your expected result was to have 25% of your staff attend a stress management class you may track this by using attendance sheets. See Step 6: Measure Progress for more details.

Continually communicate the plan
The program must be continuously communicated to make sure employees are aware of the program, its benefits, and opportunities to participate. Communication is an important part of “selling” the idea of balanced workplace health to employees and management.

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