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Workplace Health

Work-Life Balance and Stress

Health Canada - Reducing Work-Life Conflict: What Works? What Doesn't?
Comprehensive information that identifies policies, programs and supports that organizations can implement and strategies that families and individuals can use to restore work-life balance. 

University of Guelph, Centre for Families, Work and Wellbeing – Returning to work after stress leave

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety – Health Promotion / Wellness / Psychosocial
These web pages cover issues dealing with stress and its causes and effects. It includes topics on harassment (sexual, personal, etc.), post-traumatic stress disorder, absenteeism, burn-out, substance and alcohol abuse, workplace violence, workplace health and wellness programs, EAPs (employee assistance programs), prevention programs, etc.

Canadian Mental Health Association – Work/Life Balance   With all the different roles that Canadians play in their lives, they must also make room in their lives for taking care of their own physical and mental well-being.  Find out what you can do to make your work/life balance.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety - Work/Life Balance
Learn about work/Life balance initiatives, why a workplace should consider these, and some implementation steps.

Workplace Mental Health Promotion. A How to Guide. - This four part webcast series (each 4-10 minutes in length) is part of a larger toolkit from The Health Communication Unit at the University of Toronto, and the Works Well Program of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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