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Physical Activity

Alberta Centre for Active Living - Physical Activity at Work - Developing an Action Plan

Summary of important steps in developing a workplace action plan before launching a program to increase physical activity in the workplace.

Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute (CFLRI) 

  • CFLRI Bulletin 03 - Ensuring a Supportive Environment at Work for Physical Activity (PDF)  The physical environment includes the physical make-up of the workplace, availability and access to facilities, and opportunities for active transportation.  Includes background research and recommendations to promote active commuting, easy and economical options, sharing of facilities, and promoting physical activity in small companies.
  • CFLRI Bulletin 07 – Valuing an Active Workforce (PDF)
    A corporate culture that values physical activity among its employees is important.  Includes background research and recommendations to involve employees in the development of physical activity programs, provide awards and recognition, and provide a favourable and supportive atmosphere.
How to Start a Walking Group

Starting a walking group requires little effort and provides big rewards.  Consider recruiting colleagues.  Have a friendly workplace competition and challenge those in your workplace to a pedometer contest.

Active Transportation 

Human‐powered, non‐motorized transportation such as walking and cycling can be part of everyday routines, like getting to work, to increase daily physical activity.  The way a community is designed can make it easy to use active ways to get to work. Workplace supports such as flexible time, shower facilities, and secure bike parking can also make a significant difference.

Minding Our Bodies – Sample Informed Consent/Waiver for Organizations
It is important for organizations to consider liability issues that may potentially arise when providing a physical activity program.

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