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Workplace Health


Establish the workplace health committee
Ensure the committee is representative of all the sectors within the organization. This committee is not to be a sounding board for grievances, but instead it is the driving force behind workplace health and wellness initiatives.

Building trust
The concept of balanced workplace health programming is relatively new for many, so the committee must ensure everyone’s interests and needs are respected.  This helps to build trust which is an important first step to then carry out the program.

Keep employees informed about the activities and importance of the Balanced Workplace Health Program. The success of the program will rely on regular and effective communication between employees, management, and the workplace health committee.

Setting goals
Develop achievable short-term goals to market the Balanced Workplace Health Program. See Sample Communication Plan (MS Word / Adobe PDF) to assist you with this task. These short term goals will suffice until employees are surveyed.

Create a Terms of Reference
See sample Terms of Reference (MS Word / Adobe PDF)

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