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Information is available on the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit website for a variety of health related topics.

Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute (CFLRI)

  • CFLRI Bulletin 02 – Increasing Awareness of Physical Activity (PDF) Workplaces are in a particularly strong position to increase the awareness of the benefits of physical activity.  Includes background research and recommendations to obtain tools and resources to promote physical activity, involve experts to motivate the workforce, and provide targeted messages.
  • CFLRI Bulletin 04 – Providing Supportive Programing for Physical Activity at Work (PDF) Physical activity programing in the workplace can be an effective means of increasing physical activity in workers for both the short and long term.  Includes background research and recommendations to motivate workers, provide a variety of opportunities and be inclusive.
  • CFLRI Bulletin 06 – Demand for Resources to Support Physical Activity (PDF) A variety of resources can be helpful for workplaces in developing and expanding physical activity programs.  Includes background research and recommendations to build interest for physical activity, promote alternative facilities, find solutions for funding, and promote existing resources. 

Centre for Active Living - Bottom Line Benefits of Physical Activity at Work It’s good for employers.  It’s good for employees. Information is provided for why workplace physical activity is a sound investment.

Niagara Region - Resetting the Pace: Comprehensive Strategies to Promote Walking in the Workplace This toolkit is intended to help workplaces create a comprehensive plan to address walking during the workday. It incorporates emerging research on the risks of prolonged sitting and benefits of moving more frequently. It contains a wide range of strategies to raise awareness, build skills, create supportive environments and develop policies.  

Public Health Agency of Canada – What is Active Transportation? This website provides ideas that can help individuals adopt more active modes of transportation to and from work and information for how workplaces can support active transportation.

Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit - Sedentary Behaviour What is sedentary behaviour? Learn about the risks and tips to reduce it at work and at home.

Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health (OSNPPH) - Creating a Healthy Workplace Nutrition Environment This toolkit provides helpful information and strategies to promote healthy eating in the workplace. It also highlights the importance of creating supportive environments and developing policy around this topic issue.

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