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Workplace Health


  • Did the committee summarize the survey results into a report for all staff to see?
  • Did the committee review the results and determine priority employee health and wellness needs?
  • Is the action plan based on the results of the survey and other information collected?
  • Does the plan include recommendations that will be acted on right away and ones that will be implemented over a longer period of time?  Are the recommendations appropriate and achievable?
  • Is the plan balanced, addressing both major and minor issues that were identified?
  • Does the plan include the three types of activities: awareness/education; skill building; supportive environments/policies?
  • Has the management approved the plan and have they committed time and resources to see it implemented?  Do you have visible commitment from senior management?
  • How will the committee communicate and promote the programs to the employees?  How often?
  • Has the committee considered methods to evaluate activities?
  • Does the committee plan to collect this type of information at regular intervals over time?
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