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Workplace Health

Informal Discussion (one-on-one or small group discussion)

Sit down with your employees and discuss their concerns about their own health and the health of the organization. You don’t have to schedule a special meeting — just “piggyback” it on to another meeting or ask people informally. Ask for input about how to proceed and take the opportunity to gauge — and promote — enthusiasm for the initiative. Ensure that all staff has an opportunity to provide feedback.  Here are some practical ideas for conducting an informal discussion.

Adapted from Health Canada, "Health Works".

Brainstorm your strengths and possible challenges.  It is important to identify organizational strengths and challenges that can impact workplace health initiatives.  Create a poster that has two columns, one for strengths and one for challenges. On post-it notes have staff members identify three strengths and three challenges to post in each column.  As a group discuss themes and priorities and how to manage challenges. Be sure to develop and circulate a written summary of this session. 

As an alternative, use a (PDF) Force Field Analysis which is a useful technique for looking at all the forces for and against a decision. In effect, it is a specialized method of weighing pros and cons.

By carrying out the analysis you can plan to strengthen the forces supporting a decision, and reduce the impact of opposition to it.

Use the tool by following these steps:

  • Describe your plan or proposal for change in the middle.
  • List all forces for change in one column, and all forces against change in another column.
  • Assign a score to each force, from 1 (weak) to 5 (strong).
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