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Workplace Health

Conduct a Workplace Health Survey

It is important to give employees an opportunity to identify health needs i.e. healthy lifestyle choices and occupational health and safety changes. It is also important for employers/employees to look at the organizational culture and how it affects health. This information will help you to develop a workplace health program that is tailored to the needs of your employees.

Here are some sample questions that may help elicit this information from staff in the areas of comprehensive workplace health:

Organizational Culture
How could work be better organized to help reduce stress?
What could your workplace do to reduce stress at home or outside of work?
What kinds of things do you think this workplace can do to help employees feel more of a sense of influence over their work and personal health?
What can this workplace do to provide support when needed?

Healthy Lifestyle Choices
What if anything would you like to do to improve your health?
What if anything is stopping you from making these changes?

What kinds of things do you think your employer can do to help you improve or maintain your health?

Occupational Health and Safety
What health and safety changes could be made to this workplace?
Adapted from Health Canada, "Health Works".

Organizational Social Responsibility
What are some ways the organization can help support the community?
What would you like to do to support the health of the community?
How could the organization reduce their carbon footprint of business activities?
What types of fundraising could the organization do for local charities?


Another way to gather feedback from employees is to conduct a workplace audit. An audit establishes a baseline of information in order to measure continuous improvement against predetermined criteria. Here is an example of an audit from  the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety – Sample Workplace Health and Wellness Survey

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