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Workplace Health


Choosing the method that’s right for you

Since no two businesses are alike, it’s impossible to provide a "one-method-fits-all" process for assessing employee needs. Keep in mind the nature of the business, the demographics of employees, and past responses to other feedback requests when designing a process that’s right for your workplace.

Determine or prioritize needs
Prioritize through brainstorming or common themes identified and share these findings with management and staff.  The next step is to Develop an Action Plan. 

Create a report and share the document.  Take the time to put all of the information gathered into a report. Find ways to share the whole report or highlights with management and employees. At this point you may wish to conduct group feedback sessions with some employees to ensure the information collected accurately reflects employees’ interest and concerns.

Develop a plan to continue to collect information. Plan on re-doing workplace assessments regularly and continue to collect and monitor information. Further assessments will allow the identification of any new or prevailing issues and will enable a comparison with previous results. 

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