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Workplace Health


  • Was the reason and importance of the survey communicated to employees?
  • Did you consider the timing in terms of conflicts with other major events (e.g. holidays, labour negotiations)?
  • Did you account for those “hard to reach groups” of employees (e.g. shift work, low literacy)?
  • Did you have an accompanying letter of support from management, unions and other key stakeholders?
  • Did you provide an incentive for employees who participated (e.g. prizes)?
  • Did a sufficient number of employees respond to the survey (e.g. at least 50% of employees)?
  • Is the survey representative of your organization? Have any employee groups been missed (e.g. department, age group, sex, job classification, language)?
  • Did you create a report of the findings?
  • Do you have a plan to collect this type of information at regular intervals over time?
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