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Workplace Health

Stress Example

Strategies for a Balanced Healthy Workplace

Providing educational opportunities, developing policies, and creating supportive environments are key strategies used to address a Balanced Workplace Health program.  The following chart demonstrates the strategies using stress as an example:

Stress, one of the most common workplace ailments, is best addressed through a Balanced Workplace Health approach using all categories of employee health.

  • Occupational Health and safety may involve dealing with a hazardous work environment or noise levels.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices may include providing physical activity opportunities and nutrition education.
  • Organizational Culture may mean identifying and creating solutions for unwieldy workloads, lack of control, and poor communication. In fact, the psychosocial work environment, the organization of work and the management culture of the workplace have the most dramatic impact on employee stress and health outcomes.


Educational Opportunities

Policy Development

Environmental Supports

Organizational Culture

Time management training

Benefits, leaves, reducing the amount of time employees spend at work, working from home, flexible work arrangements

Encouraging staff input for how work is organized

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

“Lunch & Learns” about stress relievers (i.e. physical activity, healthy eating)

Workplace policy to subsidize memberships for physical activity opportunities

Healthy food options in vending machines/cafeteria

Health & Safety

Adequate employee training regarding workplace hazards

Documentation and training policies

Providing ear plugs in a noisy environment

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