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Speak Out for a Tobacco-Free Community

As a business or workplace, you have influence in the community that can help promote a healthy community. You can support positive role modeling that will desocialize the use of tobacco products and encourage youth to make healthy lifestyle choices.

One way you can help is to require that all sports teams looking for sponsorship from your company be a tobacco-free sports (TFS) team. When players, spectators, coaches and officials are onside to make sports tobacco free, it gives everyone a chance to perform at their best. It also contributes to the healthy development of youth, families and communities. - Provides all the information and tools teams and sports organizations need to become a tobacco-free sports team.

Another way you can positively influence your community is to support local bylaws that strive to make outdoor places where children play smoke free. Again this promotes positive role modeling and makes it clear that physical activity and tobacco use don't mix.

Smoke-Free Outdoor Spaces bylaws - Have been passed in many local communities. If yours isn't one of them, ask your local municipality why not?

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