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Workplace Health

Make It Easy to be Tobacco Free

For Employees

Thinking about quitting - It's the single best thing you can do to protect your health and it will put money back in your pocket - more than $4,000 in your first year.

Tips to stay smoke free at work - It can still be difficult to fight the urge to go out with co-workers when they head outside on breaks to light up. To help you avoid the temptation, follow these tips.

Products and supports to help you quit - It is not easy to quit smoking but there are products, services and self-help techniques that can help a smoker get through the inevitable tough times and kick the habit for good.

For Employers

Make your grounds smoke free - Template to make your grounds smoke free to support your employees and the community to stay or become tobacco free.

Promotional supports and signage for smoke-free properties - Let the community know you are going smoke free on your groups with a news release and signage like these samples.

Employee expectations for smoke-free grounds - Your employees can be your best allies helping to acquaint visitors to your business about your smoke-free policy.

Tobacco free Champion Award - every year the health unit recognizes local Tobacco-Free Champions. These champions are nominated by their peers and community partners for making it a priority to help their clients, residents, staff, and families stay or become tobacco free. Nomination information can be found here. For more details on winners, click here.

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