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Tobacco-Free Living


Here are the facts - Smoking is the No. 1 cause of preventable death in Canada. It kills six times more Canadians each year than vehicle collisions, suicides, murders, and AIDS combined. Smoking kills one of every two long-term users and costs billions of dollars in health care for tobacco related illnesses.

For a business, healthy tobacco-free employees are good for the bottom line. The Conference Board of Canada estimates that in 2012 someone who smokes costs his or her employer an estimated $4,256 annually. Lost productivity costs are broken down as about $3,800 due to unsanctioned smoking breaks and the remainder due to absenteeism.

Below are some ideas to help your workplace create an environment that supports tobacco-free living. The information can be used by employers, employees and their families.

  • Make It Easy to be Tobacco Free - This section offers tips on how you can support your employees to become and stay tobacco free. Resources are available to support employees and employers.
  • Be Involved in initiatives that encourage and support tobacco-free living.
  • Speak Out - As a business you have influence in the community that can be used to encourage people to choose to be tobacco free.
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