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Workplace Health

Sun Safety


Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and new cases and deaths from malignant melanoma, the deadliest form, have been increasing dramatically.

The health risks that are associated with ultraviolet exposure are largely preventable. Since we spend a significant portion of our day at work, it is the ideal setting to provide an environment that encourages employees to be sun safe. Below are some ideas to help your workplace create an environment that supports sun safety. Key sun safety messages can be taken home to the families of both the employer and the employee.  

Be Aware - of the benefits of sun safety
This section provides resources that will inform employers and employees how to integrate sun safety into everyday life for health benefits. Resources include fact sheets, newsletter inserts, posters and brochures. This information can be used for messages and quick tips to post on bulletin boards, to include in monthly e-bulletins, newsletters, with pay cheques or to print for a brochure rack.

Make It Easy - to be sun safe every day
This section provides resources to help make sun safety easy and fun.

Be Involved - participate in sun safe activities at work and in the community
This section provides information on how to develop and sustain a wellness program in the workplace. 

Speak Out- for opportunities to be sun safe
This section addresses how a workplace can support sun safety through sustainable policies. It also provides examples of how to support local community groups to make protection from ultraviolet ray exposure accessible and affordable.

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