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Speak Out

Speak Out - encourage policy that supports reducing work related stress


Policies are the difference between making health information available and creating a healthy workplace environment. When people feel valued, respected and satisfied in their jobs and work in safe, healthy environments, they are likely to be more productive and committed to their work. The following resources can help guide your organization in the development of a variety of policies to address workplace stress.

Workplace Mental Health Promotion Guide

The focus of this resource is on creating mentally healthy workplaces that promote positive mental health and mental well-being for all employees using a comprehensive workplace health promotion approach.

Health and Safety Executive - An example of a stress policy

This sample policy provides a template for creating a stress policy in the workplace. 

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety - Flexible Work Arrangements

A list of suggestions of what to consider when designing flexible work arrangements.

Mental Health Commission of Canada - Psychological Health and Safety:  An Action Guide for Employers

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (supported by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Health Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada and Bell) has developed Psychological Health and Safety Standards for the Workplace. Work-life Balance & Stress

For more detailed information link to the Comprehensive Workplace Health Six Step Program.

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