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Speak Out - for more physical activity opportunities at work and in your community


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  • Walkable Communities   Each year the average Canadian makes 2,000 car trips which are less than three kilometers in length - trips that could easily be made on foot or by bicycle. Workplaces and workplace staff can benefit from understanding what makes a community walkable and why walkable communities are important.
  • Community Assessment Tools for Walking and Cycling  A list of tools to assess the walkability and bike friendliness of the environment around the workplace and community.  Workplaces and workplace staff can speak out for a community that supports walking and cycling.  See the iCANWalk advocacy letter (PDF)
  • Building Healthy Communities Fact Sheets  The following series of fact sheets describes how we can all work together through individual, workplace and municipal actions to make a positive difference for the health of the people in our workplace and in our community. Our municipality and workplace plays an important role in shaping the environment in which we live and in determining the planning and policies that affect our lives.


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