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Workplace Health

Make It Easy

Make it easy - to be active every day

Physical Activity Quiz (PDF)
A quiz to test employee’s knowledge of their barriers to physical activity.

What is Sedentary Behaviour?

Find out the risks along with tips to reduce sedentary behaviour at work and at home.

Workplace Challenge

Workplace Pedometer Challenge Toolkit - includes resources to organize a successful workplace pedometer challenge.

Activity Resources

Seated Sports (PDF)
Fun physical activity ideas are listed that can be done in 10-15 minutes with a chair/desk in the workplace. They can be done as a group or individually. Consider these ideas during meetings and breaks.

British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association - Walking Handbook(PDF)
This handbook discusses the benefits of walking and offers safety tips. It also discusses how much walking is enough and ways to find time during the day to walk.

Physical Activity Tracking Tools 
Tracking your physical activity can help individuals meet goals.  Provided is a list of physical activity tracking tools that can be printed or ordered at no cost.  These tools can be used with a simple pedometer to count steps, or used to record the time spent doing certain types of physical activity on days of the week.

10,000 Steps Booklet (PDF)

Order one or more free copies of this resource from the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit by contacting the resource order line at 1-705-721-7520 extension 8323, or toll-free 1-877-721-7520 extension 8323.  This resource provides information about getting started with a walking program and other tips including safety and nutrition.  It’s best used with a simple pedometer to count your steps.

Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute - Workplace Physical Activity - Got 10 Minutes? (PDF)
If adults are spending more time at work, then one logical solution to the inactivity crisis is to fit short bouts of physical activity into our daily workplace routine.


10,000 Steps Poster (PDF)
Includes information on how to convert your activities into steps.

Health for Life - Been Sitting for Awhile? Take a Stretch Break! Poster (PDF)
Important points to keep in mind while stretching, including illustrations.

Health Canada - Eat Well and Be Active Poster (PDF)
This is an educational poster to promote eating well and being physically active to both children and adults. The poster features 24 healthy eating and physical activity images.


Alberta Centre for Active Living - Stretching @ Your Desk (VIDEO)
Take a break during the workday with these stretching exercises. A certified fitness instructor leads you through a variety of stretching exercises you can do right at your desk.  Also available in French.

Alberta Centre for Active Living -Yoga @ Your Desk (VIDEO)
Do some relaxing yoga poses during your busy workday. A certified yoga instructor takes you through a variety of yoga poses. Also available in French

Alberta Centre for Active Living - Wrist and Forearm Stretches (VIDEO)

Information on the importance of stretching, with examples of stretches that can be done at your workstation.


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