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Workplace Health

Physical Activity

With busy work schedules, many people feel there is no time to be physically active. However, integrating physical activity into the workday, even ten minutes at a time, is a great way to improve health, relieve tension and increase energy. Consider active modes of transportation to get to work such as walking and cycling which can be combined with public transportation for longer distances.

The workplace is the ideal setting to provide an environment that encourages employees to be more physically active. Employers who find ways to help employees be active during their workday contribute to a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

Be Aware - of the benefits of physical activity

This section of the toolkit provides resources that will inform employers and employees how to integrate physical activity into everyday life for health benefits. Resources include fact sheets, newsletter inserts, posters and brochures. This information can be used for messages and quick tips to post on bulletin boards, to include in monthly e-bulletins, newsletters, with pay cheques or to print for a brochure rack.

Make It Easy - to be active every day
This section of the toolkit provides resources to help make physical activity easy and fun. Resources include contests, challenges, activities and quizzes.

Be Involved - participate in physical activity at work and in the community
This section of the toolkit provides information on how to develop and sustain a wellness program in the workplace. There are also links to community activities or events that promote physical activity.

Speak Out - for more physical activity opportunities at work and in the community
This section of the toolkit addresses how a workplace can support physical activity through sustainable policies. It also provides examples of how to support local community groups to make physical activity more accessible and affordable.
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