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GlitterBug Kit

Educators and schools are in a unique position to help students develop Living Skills; the assets they need to have a positive sense of self, form healthy relationships and become skilled in understanding information, solve problems and make responsible decisions. Providing accurate information about how to take care of their health will support them to grow into healthy adults.

The GlitterBug Handwashing Kit supports delivery of the Healthy Living Strand within the Ontario Health & Physical Education 2015 curriculum related to hand hygiene promotion and practices and it also addresses infection control. It can support students in developing Living Skills by incorporating Personal Skills (PS), Interpersonal Skills (IS), and Critical Creative Thinking (CT) into the activities.

Personal Skills (PS)

Students will acquire knowledge related to infectious diseases (germs/bacteria/viruses) and infection prevention and control through different activities. Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of when and how to perform proper hygienic procedures for protecting their own health. This promotes self-awareness in taking responsibility for their own actions and learning.

Interpersonal Skills (IS)

Through activities provided, students will have the opportunity to build healthy relationships with others and gain communication and social skills. During the practical component of the hand hygiene activity, students will learn to express themselves by communicating effectively and speaking respectfully as well as paying attention to others when sharing equipment (soap, sinks, UV light). Positive interaction with others helps build healthy relationships and effective team members.

Critical Creative Thinking (CT)

Students will be encouraged to use critical and creative thinking skills to assist them in making connections with healthier hygiene choices as well as in the planning and setting goals for themselves. Students can explain and perform infection prevention and control practices that will protect them and others at home, school and in the community.

To access this program and for more ways to offer an integrated approach to healthy living in your school, contact your Healthy Schools Public Health Nurse.


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