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Can You Feel It

The Can You Feel It? Stress Workshop and Resource Guide has been developed to support teachers in meeting the mental health, stress, and resiliency themes found throughout the Ontario Health & Physical Education 2015 curriculum.

Personal Skills (PS)

This workshop allow students to become more self-aware. Through self-monitoring skills, students will begin to build a sense of self. Students will learn to understand and recognize their individual strengths and capabilities and will begin to take responsibility for their learning and their actions as they mature. To respond to challenges and develop some control over their lives, students will need to acquire coping and management skills.

Interpersonal Skills (IS)

As students interact with each other and participate in activities and discussions, they will be provided with opportunities to develop their social skills required for positive communication and healthy relationships.

Critical and Creative Thinking (CT)

As students are provided with opportunities to apply their Critical and Creative Thinking skills, they will learn to problem solve, resolve conflicts, make decisions, set personal goals, and seek out supports when needed.


The Can You Feel It? Stress Workshop and Resource Guide was designed to support the Living Skills component of the curriculum by incorporating Personal Skills (PS), Interpersonal Skills (IS), and Critical Creative Thinking (CT) into the activities. To access this program and for more ways to offer an integrated approach to healthy living in your school, contact your Healthy Schools Public Health Nurse.

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