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Infectious Diseases

Common Childhood Illnesses:  A Guide for Caregivers

This health unit brochure answers questions about common childhood illnesses (reportable and non-reportable) such as strep throat, influenza, and meningitis:

  • What symptoms should I watch out for?
  • How is the disease spread?
  • What is the infectious period?
  • When is it safe for the child to return to school?

Reportable and Non-Reportable Diseases Quick Reference: provides general information and exclusion recommendations.

Diseases of Public Health Significance
School administrators are required per Ontario Regulation 135/18 and amendments under the under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, R.S.O. c.H 7 to report suspect or confirmed cases of illness as defined by the:

This list includes such diseases as influenza, chickenpox, measles, food poisoning, tuberculosis, and others:

Fact Sheets on Infectious Diseases

Click here to view the health unit's catalogue of fact sheets on various infectious diseases.

Infection Prevention

Click here to view the health unit’s information on infection prevention.

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