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Schools & Child Care

School Administrators

The creation of Healthy School environments is heavily influenced by school and classroom leadership. Please click on the links below for resources and supports that may be of interest to you and your school.

Environmental Health and Food Safety

Creating safe and healthy environments is an important component of promoting overall health and well-being among staff, students and the school community. We have information to help you:

Student Voice and Parent Engagement

Creating opportunities for meaningful youth engagement, as well as parent and family engagement, are key steps in the Healthy Schools approach. In planning your school’s health and well-being initiatives, we encourage you to consider student voice and parent engagement initiatives, as part of the process.

Equity and Inclusion

Equity and inclusive education is one of the four key areas identified in Ontario’s Well-Being Strategy for Education, and an important factor in promoting student well-being. Embracing diversity within schools helps to create an inclusive environment and provides a foundation for student health, well-being and academic achievement.

Creating inclusive committees, with representation from all social, cultural and economic groups and student populations, is one of the first steps in the Healthy Schools approach. Indigenous students, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and/or Queer (LGBTQ)  students, students from low income homes, homes where English is a second language, and students with special needs are some of the groups that benefit when a school community takes action to value, include and respect all people and remove barriers to engaging fully at school. The research tells us that promoting social inclusion, and reducing the stigma that leads to discrimination, are best practices to promote mental health in children and youth.

Here, you will find some additional information to consider when planning Healthy Schools initiatives:

Community Partners

"Community partnerships provide access to resources and services available to support staff, students, and families in the development and implementation of Healthy Schools initiatives. Various organizations can deliver services within the school setting, including public health."  Ministry of Education: Foundations for a Healthy School.

Information about local community partnerships is available here.

Workplace Wellness

Supporting staff wellness is an important component of creating healthy school environments. A work environment that support healthy choices and work-life balance also improves morale, decreases absenteeism, increase productivity and reduces stress and injury. Healthy staff can also have strong influence int he school setting as role-models for students, families and peers.

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