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Truth and Consequences Program

Truth and Consequences is an interactive and innovative approach to addressing substance use expectations from the Healthy Living strand of the 2015 H&PE Curriculum. Individual learning centres are available for Grade 7 - 12 classes. Secondary schools can implement lesson plans and consider hosting a school wide conference. The conference is designed for the Grade 9 curriculum. The lesson plans include: speaker notes and backgrounder information, student worksheet, curriculum links and rubrics. 

The Truth and Consequences program will benefit your students by:

  • Learning about making healthy choices
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of how alcohol and drug use can lead to negative consequences
  • Promoting responsible decision-making skills.

Combined with other school-wide and classroom strategies, it can help to raise understanding of alcohol and drug use and can support addressing student well-being.

Educators and schools are in a unique position to help students develop Living Skills; the assets they need to have a positive sense of self, form healthy relationships and become skilled in understanding information, solve problems and make responsible decisions. Running Truth and Consequences for students enables them to grow into caring and healthy adults.

The Truth and Consequences program has been developed to support schools to meet the Ontario Health & Physical Education 2015 curriculum. It is designed to support the Living Skills component of the curriculum by incorporating Personal Skills (PS), Interpersonal Skills (IS), and Critical Creative Thinking (CT) into the activities.

The Curriculum Links (PDF), outlines the connections between the Truth and Consequences program and the 2015 H&PE curriculum, including the Living Skills.

  • Truth and Consequence lesson plans are available for teachers to use in their classrooms with students in Grade 7-12.



  • Some additional materials are required to support lesson plan delivery. Please contact your Healthy Schools public health nurse or your school board to obtain necessary additional materials.
  • Achievement Chart (PDF)
  • For an excellent follow-up activity check out Cycles, an interactive and engaging film-based resource that encourages teens to talk openly and honestly about decision making related to marijuana use. The resource features a 28-minute film about fictional high school students and their relationships with cannabis, as well as a facilitator’s guide with lesson plans, teaching tips, student handouts and quick facts about cannabis use.

The Healthy Schools program, in partnership with the Injury & Substance Misuse Prevention program, is available to support delivery of Truth and Consequences at your school. Contact your Healthy Schools public health nurse to find out more about bringing the Truth and Consequences program to your school.

Truth and Consequences Conference for secondary schools

Truth and Consequences can also be delivered in secondary schools as a full day interactive conference involving students, staff and community partners. An online step-by-step planning guide is available to support organizers with preparing, implementing and evaluating the program. Public health nurses are available to provide support and consultation. The cost to deliver the conference is minimal. Please call SMDHU Health Connection at 705-721-7520 to request support and book a Truth and Consequences conference for your school.

The following resources are available to support your conference planning and delivery:

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