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Alex the Alligator

Alex the Alligator is a plush alligator who supports teaching students the importance of tooth brushing and good oral hygiene. When combined with other strategies that promote student well-being, Alex the Alligator can contribute to comprehensively addressing other topics such as healthy eating, equity and inclusion, and oral health.
Educators and schools are in a unique position to help students develop Living Skills; the assets they need to have a positive sense of self, form healthy relationships and become skilled in understanding information, solve problems and make responsible decisions. Providing accurate information about how to take care of their health will support them to grow into healthy adults.

Alex the Alligator kit has been developed to support oral health and healthy eating within the Ontario Health & Physical Education 2015 curriculum. Alex the Alligator provides opportunity to engage students and foster school connectedness while applying leadership and communication skills. It is designed to support the Living Skills component of the curriculum by incorporating Personal Skills (PS), Interpersonal Skills (IS), and Critical Creative Thinking (CT) into the activities.

Personal Skills (PS)
Students will learn to understand and take responsibility for their health as they mature. Using a youth engagement approach enables students to recognize their individual strengths, capabilities and enables them to work with others. Through activities students learn information and then make connections to their personal lives.

Interpersonal Skills (IS)
Effective communication skills are fostered when students work together. Using a youth engagement approach to delivering curriculum will give students an opportunity to role model healthy lifestyle behaviours and interact positively with peers.

Critical and Creative Thinking (CT)
Student leaders will be encouraged to apply critical thinking while they plan, coordinate and deliver health information to their targeted school audience. Students will learn accurate information and then will need to consider how to tailor activities and deliver key messages to their peers.

To access Alex the Alligator and to have more discussion about offering an integrated approach to supporting student well-being in your school, contact your Healthy Schools public health nurse.
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