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Truth and Consequences Lesson Plans

How to Order

Some of the lesson plans require additional materials that need to be booked. Check with the school public health nurse or your school board office.

#1 - Are You Under the Influence (media literacy)


#2 - Joint Forces (risks and laws related to drug and alcohol issues)


#3 - The Truth About Consequences (consequences of drug/alcohol misuse)


#4 - The Wheel of Misfortune (myths and misconceptions; getting the facts)


#5 - Who You Gonna Call (available community resources and how to access them)


#6 - Wreck Your Life (signs of impairment and alcohol poisoning)


#7 - Decisions, Decisions (decision-making and problem-solving)


Curriculum Links


Achievement Chart


Truth and Consequences can also be delivered as a full day conference involving students, staff and community partners. Contact the health unit to book a conference or access your step-by-step planning guide online.

For an excellent follow-up activity check out Cycles, an interactive and engaging film-based resource that encourages teens to talk openly and honestly about decision making related to marijuana use. The resource features a 28-minute film about fictional high school students and their relationships with cannabis, as well as a facilitator’s guide with lesson plans, teaching tips, student handouts and quick facts about cannabis use. 

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