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Infectious Diseases Resources for Elementary Educators

The daily mix of students and staff provides numerous opportunities for germs to be passed between everyone in these settings, especially from child to child. Children are natural explorers of their environments, play closely together and readily share their possessions, food and germs.

Educators play a key role in preventing the spread of common childhood diseases by educating children and their caregivers on infection prevention and control practices.

'Be A Germ Stopper!' – Suggested for Kindergarten to Grade 8.  This teacher resource manual promotes hand hygiene for children in elementary schools with appropriate lesson plans, fun activities and stories which are linked to the Ontario Curriculum. This teacher manual (available in English and French) can be downloaded in two parts.

  • Bug Out! Get the Facts on Germs – suggested for kindergarten to Grade 8. This resource is designed to address the importance of illness prevention and infection control. This program features in-class and at-home activities for topics including how bacteria and viruses are spread, hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette, when and why to stay home when you are sick, immunization, and influenza pandemic preparedness. (Canadian Red Cross).
  • The Glitterbug Handwashing Kit - an activity based kit for hand hygiene promotion and infection control. Contact your Healthy Schools public health nurse to learn how to access this resource.

The health unit offers a variety of services to support student health and infection prevention, including information related to common childhood illnesses, a list of reportable diseases and notification processes, and support with infection prevention and control in schools.

  • Infection Prevention Resources – Resources available for order and/or download through the health unit. Resources include: hand washing and hand sanitizing signs in English and French, hand hygiene videos and slide shows.

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