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Outbreak Management and Control

Effective outbreak management is vital in preventing the spread of illness in your recreational camp.  

The health unit should be called right away when there is a suspected or known outbreak at your camp. 

An outbreak is suspected when there is a greater than normal number of sick campers and/or staff with similar symptoms in a short amount time (usually 24 hours). 

The SMDHU Communicable Disease Team will work with the  camp to assist in controlling the spread of illness.

Services that may be provided during an outbreak include:

  • Onsite visit to inspect food preparation and handling
  • Onsite visit to review camp area plans, speak to staff to reinforce basic infection prevention and control measures
  • Daily support to answer questions related to outbreak management
  • Provide information or fact sheets related to outbreak management or specific illnesses
  • Arrange delivery of samples kits from the camp to the lab.

One of the most critical issues to arise during an outbreak is staffing levels due to illness.  Unfortunately, the SMDHU does not provide medical staff to a recreational camp to care for ill campers/staff.  This camp should have a contingency plan for outbreaks.  

Outbreak Guidelines

Checklists and Forms

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