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Cleaning and disinfecting

Routine cleaning and disinfection is a critical control point in preventing and controlling the occurrence and spread of infection.  Some germs can survive for long periods of time on dry surfaces such as table tops, door handles, sporting equipment etc.  Daily cleaning and disinfection should occur in your camp, with a noted increase in these activities during outbreak situations. Disinfecting solutions should be prepared and used appropriately to help ensure maximum disinfection effectiveness is achieved.  Staff should be aware of when and under what conditions they should be using disinfectants and how to properly prepare these solutions to reach appropriate disinfecting strengths.

See – Prepare Disinfecting Solutions



The removal of visible dirt and organic matter from surfaces using soap and water. 
Cleaning does not kill micro-organisms.

The intermediate measure that kills or destroys most disease-producing micro-organisms and viruses.  Disinfectants are classified as high level, intermediate level, and low level.

Hard-Surface Disinfectant (Low-Level Disinfection):
A disinfectant that kills most vegetative bacteria and viruses.

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