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Love life more than cigarettes – quit help now on Facebook

Feb 17, 2017
SIMCOE MUSKOKA – If you were asked to make a list of the things you love, would smoking be on that list?

SIMCOE MUSKOKA – If you were asked to make a list of the things you love, would smoking be on that list?

If you answered no and you are not willing to trade the things you love for that next package of cigarettes, then it’s time to quit.

The health unit wants to help with a new Facebook page Tobacco-Free Chatter and on Twitter @TFChatter created for local residents to share quit supports.

Here you can read the quit stories of people from Barrie, Huntsville, Orillia, Midland and around the region.

You’ll see videos and more from people who were able to quit before they faced permanent health effects, as well as others who were not so lucky and who now live with the damage tobacco causes.  

All of them agree you can quit with practice and support.

Tobacco-Free Chatter posts also include information on where to get free quit supports including the patch and more, motivational messages and tips to get you through cravings, as well as contests and challenges.

There are also links to free STOP workshops scheduled across the region in February and March. It’s time to quit – get inspired by the Tobacco-Free Chatter!


Midland resident Eileen Walsh’s shares her quit tip on the new community Facebook page Tobacco-Free Chatter

Hear what Midland’s Eileen Walsh says in this short video clip.  


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