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The leg bone’s connected to your health

Aug 22, 2011
Many adults in Simcoe and Muskoka are less active than they should be.

Many adults in Simcoe and Muskoka are less active than they should be. As you age, inactivity raises the risk of brittle bones, or osteoporosis. Inactivity also affects people’s balance and coordination, which increases the risk of falls. Falls and brittle bones are a terrible combination.

If you drive on a regular basis to a nearby store for your milk or the newspaper, consider making it a walk instead. It might take an hour there and back, but doing that three times a week meets the recommendations in the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults. Regular walking works to maintain bone density and improve coordination and balance. In short, it can keep an older adult out of hospital.

Make a commitment to increase your physical activity by taking the I Can Walk pledge, at The website calculates how far your pledge will take you in a year and how many kilograms of greenhouse gas emission you will have saved by not driving, and your bones will keep you upright and healthy for a good, long time.



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