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I’m done: Facebook message announces decision to quit smoking

Jan 09, 2017
SIMCOE-MUSKOKA – After 21 years of smoking, and just a few days before the dawn of 2017, Pat decided it was her time to quit.
­­­­­SIMCOE-MUSKOKA – After 21 years of smoking, and just a few days before the dawn of 2017, Pat decided it was her time to quit. She sat down at her computer and announced to all her friends that she was done with smoking.

 “I wanted to be accountable to myself and to my friends and so I thought I am going to share it with everyone,” says the mom of young adults who had quit smoking once before, when she was having children.

“I loved how I felt when I wasn’t smoking,” she remembers. “I wasn’t worrying about making sure I had my cigarettes with me everywhere I went. I felt good. I smelled good. I was free.”

But three years after quitting she made a random decision to take a drag off a friend’s cigarette. Then she did it again, and before long she was right back to smoking.

It wasn’t until Pat (her name has been changed to protect her privacy) and her husband separated late in 2016 that she decided it was time to start looking after herself—no more trading off her health for tobacco.

“It just clicked. I recognized I was starting a new chapter of my life. I had spent so much time being a mom and a wife that I had ignored what I was doing to my own health.”

Knowing a few of her friends have quit successfully and feeling mentally strong she said she is committed to quitting for the last time and is ready to stop being “a slave to smoking.”

Jen Bouwmeester, a public health nurse from the Tobacco-Free Living program says motivation and confidence are critical to the quitting journey.

“You have to decide you want to quit and you have to develop the confidence to know you can do it,” Bouwmeester said. She noted that it may take a few tries to make it stick, “but each time you try you are starting with additional skills learned from the last attempt that will help you succeed.”

The health unit offers a range of local support options from self-help materials, contests and challenges, to free STOP workshops that include confidence building, education about nicotine replacement therapies and a free supply of the nicotine patch. Your family health team may also offer free supports. More information is available on the website at or by calling Health Connection at 705-721-7520 or 1-877-721-7520.

 Do you have a quit story to share to inspire someone else to quit? Email the health unit through Health Connection on the website. We may share your story as part of our 2017 #TobaccoTradeoff campaign.




Cutline – To hold herself accountable and ensure the support of her friends, Pat posted a “Just did it” on Facebook to announce that she had quit smoking.

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