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World No Tobacco Day promotion

May 23, 2014
World No Tobacco Day is May 31. How much do you know about the No.1 cause of preventable death and disease in Canada? Take this quiz.

­­­ World No Tobacco Day is May 31. How much do you know about the No.1 cause of preventable death and disease in Canada? Take this quiz.


True or False

1.         Smoking kills one of every two long-term regular users. True/False

2.         The children of tobacco users are twice as likely to smoke as kids of non-smoking parents.  True/False

3.         It cost 2-3 times more to repair and refurbish a rental unit where the tenants have been smoking daily than a non-smoking unit. True/False

4.         Chew tobacco has abrasives added to it that make tiny cuts in the mouth so nicotine can be absorbed. True/False

5.         Landlords/condo boards can choose to make their buildings No Smoking and include it as a condition of a new lease or sale. True/False

6.         Laws prohibiting smoking on school property are only meant for students. True/False

7.         The tobacco used in water/hookah pipes is not addictive. True/ False

8.         It is legal to give tobacco to someone under 19. True/False

9.         Businesses can choose to ban e-cigarette use in their establishments. True/False   

10.       If you only use tobacco occasionally, it’s okay for your health. True/False


Answers follow                                                                                                      


How did you do? Here are the answers and explanations.

Answers  1-T   2-T   3-T  4-T  5-T  6-F   7-F   8-F   9-T  10-F


1.         True – Tobacco product use causes many types of cancers and heart and lung diseases responsible for more than 37,000 deaths in Canada every year. Secondhand smoke is also dangerous to both smokers and non-smokers who breathe it.

2.         True – The children of tobacco users are twice as likely to try tobacco and become addicted just like their parents or guardians. Positive role modeling helps youth choose to be tobacco free.

3.         True – Landlords surveyed estimate cleaning, wall sealer, painting and the cost to replace fridge seals and other components damaged by the tobacco residue can be double or triple those of a smoke-free unit. More info is available on the Smoke-free Housing Ontario website.

4.         True – Abrasives are useful in cutting your gums so the nicotine can be absorbed quickly. These open cuts can lead to additional problems. Learn more at Know What’s In your Mouth!

5.         True –No-smoking policies are legal and enforceable. The vast majority of Ontarians doesn’t smoke and would prefer to live in a smoke-free dwelling. Ask for them, offer them.

6.         False – The law prohibits smoking on school property by everyone at all times, including after school and community events held on school property.

7.         False – Don’t be fooled, all tobacco is addictive. Many so-called herbal products sold for use in waterpipes and hookahs contain tobacco. Added flavoring is used to make it taste better.

8.         False – It’s against the law to give or sell tobacco to anyone under the age of 19 whether it is lending a smoke to a friend or supplying them to a teen. It’s a Bad Way to Be Nice.

9.         True – As a business or property owner you can choose to prohibit e-cigarette use in your premises anywhere on your property.

10.       False – All tobacco products contain nicotine and that makes them addictive so what starts out as occasional use often becomes daily. Quit the denial.


More information about all topics covered in this quiz is available on the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit website at or by calling Health Connection at 705 721-7520 or 1-877-721-7520.




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